ECCIE Image Standards Guidelines - REVISED FOR 2024

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Thank you for being a part of the ECCIE community!

For the new year (2024) these new ECCIE Image Standard Guidelines will become less restrictive than in year's past. Please think twice and post responsibly when posting images on the site:

Members may create an Image Gallery and post photos in their Image Gallery. All images posted in the Image Gallery or in the Discussion Forums must comply with the following guidelines:
  • Images which show below the waist nudity are not allowed. Thongs, bikini bottoms, etc. are required. No exposed anus or exposed genitalia. Butt cheeks are welcome. Additionally, images where the subject is wearing something below the waist, but still leave genitalia, the anus, or pubic hair partially exposed are not allowed. Clothing that clings to the genital region or clothing that is somewhat transparent is permitted. In other words, topless is okay, below the belt nudity is not. Genitals must not appear in images or the image will be removed.
  • No images of sexual acts whatsoever. Also, please avoid even the implication of sex acts (e.g., two people kissing, a person taking off another person’s shirt, etc.). No photos with multiple ladies or photos of two partially clad people. If you are not sure, then simply make it easy and avoid photos with more than one person. Male nudity is also not allowed.

Members should immediately review their Image Gallery and remove non-compliant photos. Also, all members should take note that avatar photos are also included in these guidelines.

If a male member wishes to post photos, regardless of their location on ECCIE, they must also comply with the above image standards.

Additionally, the following restrictions apply immediately and also retroactively:
  • Male members may only post photos of ladies that the lady herself has made available in her posts on ECCIE or the publicly viewable portion of her website or another publicly available internet source.
  • Male members may not take photos during their encounters and post them on ECCIE, regardless of their location on the site or state of dress of the lady.
  • Any photos that depict or imply sexual activity in any way are prohibited. For instance, a member cannot post a photo of two porn stars, or anyone for that matter, engaging in sexual activity and state “this is what we were doing.” “Sexual activity” includes also includes kissing or fondling.

These revised ECCIE Image Standards are effective immediately. Non-compliant images will be immediately removed. Repeated non-compliance with image standards may lead to consequences which affect one's ability to participate here. This applies to both male and female members.

Again, thank you for helping make the ECCIE community better and your continuing support!