Eccie Signature Line Guidelines - REVISED FOR 2024

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We feel these Signature Line guidelines will keep them from becoming a distraction, and at the same time allowing for flavor, creativity, and individuality.

Effective immediately, we ask that member's signature lines comply with the following guidelines:

1. Must be 15 lines or less
2. Spaces will be counted as lines.
4. You may use assorted fonts, font sizes, and colors in your signature line.
3. Text which is larger than the default text (SIZE=2) will count as 3 lines.
4. Images and Banners may be used in your signature line.
  • Images must comply with the Eccie Image Standards Guidelines.
  • Do not use images or banners which exceed 60 pixels in height.
  • These will be subject to removal.

5. All images used which are taller than default text will count as 3 lines. (larger than 60 pixels height will be removed)
6. Links to other Websites are not permitted.
7. The following may also be included in Signature Lines:
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
8.The following are examples of items not permitted in Signature Lines:
  • Acronyms
  • Services
  • Rates
  • Travel Plans
  • Seeking Appointments
These guidelines apply to our membership and to our staff. Please use the RTM feature to report violations as they occur.

ECCIE Mgt. may elect to update these guidelines as needed.

Thanks for your cooperation,