Dallas Ladies--- Spa Services

A great friend of mine has recently opened up her skin spa. She and I have been friends for quite some time now and she is making some great offers to ladies in the "adult industry". She thought to make the offer to the local strip clubs, and I told her I'd also get the word out in my world.

She is offering 20% off of all services and 15% off of all products to ladies working in the adult industry whether it be dancers, escorts, phone sex girls, webcam girls--- whatever. You do have to let her know that you work in the adult industry to get the discount, but she's very cool. Former dancer.

She offers:

Chemical Peels
Waxing (she rocks at Brazilian waxing)
Back treatments
Body Wraps
Eyelash Extensions

If you'd like her contact information, either check out the post in the ladies only section, or PM me.

Gents-- if you'd like to buy someone a gift certificate but still get the 20% discount, just let her know. She'll still do the discount on gift certificates and yes, she knows to be discreet. I've been going to her since I moved to Texas.