Texas Blue Warrants

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asking for a friend:

hey there
was wondering if there was a way to look up
a parole warrant online in Texas (a blue warrant) or somewhere you can call
if you suspect your violation may have turned into a warrant?
trying to find out for a close friend
who is on the fence about reporting to her home office
this afternoon.
she had a technical violation for missing her report date on the 5th of july.
she attempted to contact her officer that day but the officer never called her back
and never presed the issue.
yesterday the officer went to her home address where her family lives
and still didnt call her.
she said she asked her mother what her officer said and all the said was
she had a negative attitude and that
"she said you were overdue to check in. you must report by the 25th of this month(today)
between 9am and 1pm or something will be applied."

my friend gets off of parole August 1st, 2018. this was her last month reporting and she has already dealt with a violation in Jan (a misdemeanor she sat 4 months out on and got released June 1st)
there was major miscommunication between parole offices during her transfer that caused her to report late the first report in june.

as far as legal advice goes i didnt know where else could be as helpful.

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otherwise a bench warrant will be issued and you will go to jail at any time you are stopped. Call your parole officer and get it taken care of.
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She worked it out , I had told her it was better to communicate and address the situation anyways. All good now. Thanks