Encounter: Jxxxa at Babes

Date: 4 May 19
Name: Jxxxa
Phone: (601) 969-3720
Email Address: N/A
URL / Website: https://twitter.com/babesofjackson?lang=en
City: JAX
State: Mississippi
Address: -
Activities: Light kissing, mutual mast, BBBJ
Hair Length and Color: Hair down to her ass. Mousy brown in color
Age: Late 20's
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: 5'5" out of heels, Slender athletic build. Epic low slung tits with nice pink sized nipples.
Recommendation: No
NuruGuru's Avatar
What does big booty j do in the room? She's promised a big game bitt I don't trust her. Give insight!
J is on point. Indiana J and the Temple of Boom. She doesn't do stage dances and only a few private dances which are still worth the money (she only does the $ 3 song dances outside the BBR). The majority of her scrilla is made in the Boom Boom Room.

NuruGuru's Avatar
Feel free to PM me what to expect in the boom boom (Activity wise). She quoted me $$$$ which is NOT the price of the boom boom, and that's what I'd expect to pay for an HOUR with a hottie lol. Not a half hour!