Is anyone else seeing something weird on stg?
I missed it and now the site wont pull up. What was it? Did it get hacked? Was it a picture of RL doing gay stuff with a 400 pound silver back gorilla? If so thats been around for years
I don’t know...
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It appears to be up and functional this morning.

Time will tell

The Dr
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Basscat, u something else!!! Sure do miss ole RL!!
I really liked RL myself. We had a falling out though and he quit talking to me and kicked me out his private fb group. He told a hooker were both friends with that I shared a private pic he took of her that she shared with me on a hooker board someplace. The only thing is I never did that. I dont post hooker pics without having permission first unless the hooker has used them in her ads. This pic was never shared in an add so I never posted it. I did however discuss the pic with him in a message on fb so because of that he knew I had it. I think that pissed him off and he made up the part about me sharing it so he could justify throwing me out of the group. I never meant to hurt him or his feelings and had I known he was going to react that way I would have never said anything about the pics and videos she sent me from their session.

So me being the asshole that I am when I realized that he had thrown me out I contacted the hooker because they are as close as she and I are. She is the one who told me about the pic. I told her I never shared it and she knows me well enough to know I didnt. So I tried to talk to him via fb and make things good between us and he unfriended me. We havent spoke since. I dont get it to be honest and I liked old RL he is a decent guy from the interactions I have had with him. I think maybe he has feelings for the hooker involved or something. Who knows. I guess its not just women who like to make up crazy make believe drama to justify their special kind of bat shit crazy.

RL in the off chance you read this I never posted the pic you said I did anywhere and am big enough a man to let it go a be friends again. I miss making fun of how old you are and how your tiny old man penis doesnt work right.