Remember the Rat?

I used to hang there back in the 80's. Anyone else remember the Rat?
I can't believe there is not one soul other than lil ole me that remembers the Rat or the Channel, Spit, the Paradise!
Ok, how about some of the strip clubs? Combat zone, the burbs, ie: the Butterfly, the Surf, Squires, etc?
Of course, the Rat, in Kenmore Sq. That place was a frikin' dive and easily the nastiest bathrooms in the country. Channel was pretty cool, they had some good acts there.
Great memories, thanks.
The Rat was Bostons answer to NY's CBGB's! I was all about the punk scene in the day. One night, some little college coed came into the ladies room, saw me sitting on the counter, exclaimed "Don't MOVE!" and promptly came back and snapped my picture! Hilarious!
Edit: What about the Golden Banana and the Caberet?
Right and the Naked Eye
Man that place was skeevey and the dancers were not what you would call "attractive" Much better up at the Squire in Revere,
Combat Zone is just Chinatown now - no more peep shows no more nudie bars.
LOL! I didn't last long in the Zone! 3 clubs in one week, that scene was NOT my style, YUCK. But the clubs on the northshore, that was a blast!
Wow... Sorry I missed you. Do you get back to New England at All?