Review: (Piedras Negras) Club 54

Date: Mar 29, 2014
Name: Carina
Contact Info: 1st club on right (Carina has been there for several years and looks better than ever.)
URL / Website: -
General Area: -
Activities: DFK, BBBJ w/ Russian, mish, puppy, CIMNSNQ
Session Length: 60min
Fee: 100 + 40 room
Hair Length and Color: long brown
Age: 30ish
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Physical Description: MM D's with large areolas (very-well made), mix estimate 75% Spain 25% Aztec (olive skin), perfect dreamy curves (Unlike many American girls, she has ZERO pretentiousness and apparently has no idea that she's a 9 out of 10), no tattoos, classy jewelry, bubbly personality (doesn't like to think too hard)
Recommendation: Yes
its been many years since i checked out pn. parked across the border. i took a taxi to the zona. right by the entrance to the zona. i checked out two bars. one of the left. they had some talent but the price tag was a little rich for me. checked out the bar across the street. their pricing is similiar to the hong kong bar. just had a drink and took a taxi back to the border.