ISO info: Sabinas Coah, La Zona

I made a trip to this location about 10 years ago and had a blast but dont remember how we got there, does anyone know if this location is still active and where abouts is it located? It used to be a cluster of bars and at the one we were in the strippers came out around 1:00 in the morning. Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the google reference, thats the town alright, but was wondering if the zona was active and where its located on the map? Thanks.
Are you aware of any activity in that town closer to the border?
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Best stay on the American side, there is a fairly nice Casino there or at least there was one 10 years back. I have distant relations in Eagle Pass and they never cross the boarder any more. They say the Cartels are in Eagle Pass as well so if you do go be DAMN CAREFUL about what you do and what you say!