cops in PN

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I do not know about anyone else but the cops are the ones you need to watch out for. I have gone to PN almost every week for the last 3 months to see a girl. Every week I get pulled over and the cops try to shake me down for stupid reasons. 3 out of 4 times they can not even think of a reason they pulled me over. One time about 2 in the after noon I was headed west on one of the main roads and about 6 blocks in front of me was a cop going east. I turned into a neighborhood while the cop was at least 4 blocks away. after I had gone about 4 blocks here comes the cop with the lights on and they hit the siren. so I pulled over. this was a lady cop. I asked her why I was pulled over and she would not answer me. She looked in my truck for a bit then she walked around my truck checking everything, then came back to the window and looked around again. Again I asked why I was pulled over and no answer. A minute late she walked around the truck for a 2nd time checking everything. Came back to the window and started looking around the truck some more. All the sudden her face changed and she said, Do you know why I pulled you over. I pulled you over because the girl was not wearing a seat belt while sitting in the middle of the front seat. 1st off how did she see that from 4 blocks away. 2nd the seat belt is only a lap belt so how did she even see that. 3rd why did it take her 5 minutes to come up with a reason to pull me over. The girl I was with started saying something to the cop and pretty soon the cop told me to go on and go.
This was just one of the times I got pulled over. most of the rest are just as dumb.
My point here is that the cops are crooked as hell in PN and getting worse. So if you drive be careful and try to keep your cool.
If you have been drinking get someone to drive you to your room. because they are stopping everyone coming out of BT or any other club in PN.

It is bad.
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That's the way it is every where. Just be carious and take a taxi.