Review: (Piedras Negras) Martianman and club 54

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Date: Oct2012
Name: Janet
Contact Info: She works in club54
URL / Website: Na
General Area: Boys town
Activities: Cbj, k9, cg, cot
Session Length: Hh
Fee: $
Hair Length and Color: Brunette long
Age: 21
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Physical Description: About 5'6, c cups, thin, very pretty face, she looked 18
Recommendation: Yes
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I missed everyone. Saturday night I went to 54 to late and missed out so I had a friend call up a girl which was great. Anyway Janet is a great girl you would really have a good time with her if you take her to a hotel. Or down town. She is fun and sexy. Was with her along time ago all night. I won't forget. been friends ever since. Glad you enjoyed. Very nice back side on her. you agree.