Heather in Euless, Backpage ad

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Has anyone seen this lady or know anthing about her, reviews, etc.

Heather on backpage, brunettes do it better. If you have any info please PM me.

Same photos, same ad for a long time. Have never seen a review of her. Did find an ad by her looking to rent out massage space to other LMTs. On Glade road off 121. Village Suites. Feel free to TOFTT and report back :-)
Google of phone # reveals negative review on TOS.
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She's really hot - just like pics.

Average massage (RMT) - L0 (no extras)
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Thanks to all of you for the good intel.
I figured it looked to good to be true!
L0 confirmed by several people.
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Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! L 0 should be outlawed!
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If you're looking in the therapeutic section, you should expect L0. LMT's can lose their license for doing extras. Many do once they are comfortable with you, but a lot do not. They advertise on BP and CL because, well... where else are they gonna advertise? Now, if they post nude or topless pics and do L0, then shame on them, but just because they're good-lookin' and trained in massage, doesn't mean they oughtta wanna tug your stuff. Don't take optional draping as indication of extras either. It's easier to massage without a sheet in the way, and just cause she can see it doesn't mean she wants to touch it.

I'd recommend shopping in the bodyrub section. It's virtually always at least L1.
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  • jimmy
  • 01-12-2011, 02:22 PM
Ive seen her when she was off harwood and norwood. pretty little thing,
L1 only. just when I bust a nut, shes running away. hmm.
what the hell is that about. had to Finnish myself.
L0. The massage was great and she is ever bis as good looking as the pics.
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I could see Heather every week just for a massage. She is so pretty...