Aphrodite Companions - STAY AWAY!!!

This is an open letter to all the ladies out there.

STAY AWAY FROM APHRODITE and tell your clients to do the same!

I've been dealing with a stalker for the better part of the last two years. Hoping to make my life easier in avoiding him, I joined Aphrodite.

On Jan. 25, I was sent to an outcall in Dayton, OH, and was promptly arrested. I never talked donation with the client or discussed services. We were both topless and I was in the middle of giving him a backrub when the cops burst in the room. There had been ZERO contact other than my hands to his back.

Once I got bailed out, I began to talk with Pamela, the owner of the agency. Although I had EXPRESSLY told them to ONLY give me verified clients of theirs, they decided to take a guy who had just joined Date-Check and had ONE reference! A check of ProviderBuzz would have immediately shown that the Staff edit he had as a ref was dirty and known to be working with LE, but apparently they couldn't be bothered to do that.

Pamela was all over herself saying how this had never happened to her before and how sorry she was and promising me she would compensate me for my expenses and get her attorney working on things...that lasted about three days and now I can't get her to return my calls or my emails...leaving me COMPLETELY alone in defending myself!

When they get on here to dispute what I've just said, I'll be more-than-happy to post the emails back-and-forth between Pamela and I in the days after my arrest.

STAY AWAY!!! and if you know anyone working for them, make sure they know what their future holds. They are sloppy, unprofessional, disloyal, scumbags!

My court date is the 17th, wish me luck!

Please keep the offensive name calling at a minimum, this is still a public section of the board, CC
Thanks for the heads up. I was considering working with them. Not no more
Thanks for the warning. Since this is an older post what's the update? I hope you got out of it considering you were just giving the guy a backrub and nothing really was discussed.
I recently saw an ad for this agency and I too was considering joining the team...of course it was just a thought and now I'm glad I didn't follow through.

Thanks for the warning...
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Girls I'm just wondering what would the attraction be to joining a service?
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OMG thanks for sharing this
This is an old thread. I don't think your supposed to bunp threads more than 30 days old. I think the mods can clarify that. Also, it would be nice to know how Stephanie made out in her court ordeal.
Thanks for clarifying the rules isis, do you work with them? this should actually be an alert, and I think the bump was necessarily to keep people aware of dirty practices... otherwise it's just forgotten at the bottom of less important ones. Thanks Steph for being honest and putting yourself out there to warn others.
i agree fully with daphne!
When it comes to agencies I have only had a few experiences with ladies who work at them (unless you count AMP's, then its different) usually the ladies end up leaving because of BS at the agency and bad mouth the management team, other girls etc... (aka become catty) or the reverse happens.. a lady leaves, goes indy and the agency starts ragging on her.

IMHO when another entity gets part of the fee (even 1 dollar) that I donate to a lady for her time, then they are a PIMP. I find it hard to believe that a lady cannot market herself.

If a lady does belong to an agency, then a contract (written) should be drawn up and in that contract should be the clause that if the lady gets busted, THE agency pays her legal fees etc.. as well as her regular health check ups. if they are not willing to invest in the lady and her talent, then she should NOT invest her money in them.
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i think the business side of providing must be harder than you think, just like running a small business, part of the appeal of an agency that they take care of that end
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The bump is OK as its pertinent and relevant to the thread. Plus I would like to know the OP outcome too.
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Stop putting all of the sevices in the same lot.. 10 years and still rolling kids.. NO ISSUES with any girls past or presant. YES they do get fired from time to time..thats on them. And you can say you want all that for the girls but REALLY?? How many of ya fine gentlemen would take that phone call?? Sorry it happened to this girl and I hope Pam takes this matter at hand to the end... just my two cents Annie
@anna, happy for ya that your agency has been around 10 years.. each city however is different. Your ad shows New Orleans... a city well known for sinning... In Houston things are different.. corruption is here as always but its more religious slanted..

We have one precinct that raids the AMPS regularly yet another ignores all the ones that are in their district and have been there the longest.

Our city was built on Oil and power....so the power corruption is there.