Hattiesburg Backpage

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Anybody here have any recon on Meg or Layla that post on backpage in Hattiesburg ? I've been curious, but it seems the consensus here is to stay away from the BP providers.
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I do not have any ibfo on those two. You must be very careful on backpage, do your home work. Google their phone numbers and check the photo's on tineye. Still that is no guarantee that you won't be hit with a bait and switch. This is not to say that everyone on BP is not ligit. Many new providers on backpage have come over to eccie and have been verified here. Your advantage with eccie is the ladies on this board have been verified by the moderators.

Big AL
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Bigal is right. Do a google check of their phone number and a tineye check of the photos. That won't insure that they're legit, but it helps. If you are inclined to TOFTT, make sure you do a review. If the lady is legit, recommend that she contact one of the mods to get verified.

I tried to post an ad for H'burg and got some weirdo threatening me! I won't be doing THAT again!
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Egad - I suspect I know who that was. Thankfully, she has been absent from here for a while. And if it is who I think it is, she's been banned 5 times!

Sorry you had that experience, but it's another example why it's better to advertise here on ECCIE.

It was a guy, but you never know. I never spoke to him, only text messages. Very threatening, I pulled my ad the same night. Not giving up on the MS guys! Besides, I think elcid needs another soaking! LOL!!!