OK guys, I have no idea what this chicks problem is but I have gotten txt and emails from people in Austin asking me if I was there, which I am not. This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that I have been redirected to an ad by a girl that goes by "kimmy". She even took time out to "tag" the pictures with her name (sick I know). Anyways, this is going for the record if you see an ad in Austin that has my pictures but does not have my name and number which is Breanna, 832-362-0651; It is NOT me. I repeat it is NOOOTT me. Whenever I do decide to tour I post my reviews as well as my tagged pictures on my ad for 100% authenticity.

This girls number is 713-805-0952
Again I am not affliated in anyway with this looney tune.

I will do my best to find the ads and report such to backpage and they will remove the pics but just so everyone knows, I am in Houston.
just FYI - just saw it back on backpage.
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If you're gonna steal pics, might as well steal some good ones. Breanna is smokin!

Come to Austin and we will do the humpty dance.
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and they are nice ass pics boo! I can see why she wants to steal your image!