Chinese Goddess anyone?

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  • HUGO
  • 08-16-2011, 12:57 PM
Curious if anyone has experienced this lady, "chinese goddess"... she appears to be in the 75/coit area in an apartment.. thanks for any feedback..

"this is the chinese goddess and waiting to satisfy all of
your sensual and erotic massage desires"
Not the best review, but not the worst.
This should be in ISO.
But I used to see her about 10 yrs ago. She was fun and a little playful. Got FS a couple of times. It was ymmv back then. But nothing recent.
I have actually seen her, but didnt write a review. On the pro side, she does a wonderful fbsm and she really is a sweetie. However, she keeps it dark in her bedroom for a reason. She is the first to tell you she is overweight. But i can get over that. She is an animal lover and rescues cats. The apt is full of the damn things. The complex is a dump and I wouldnt go there after dark.
she's been around along time. Therefore, she's on the older side..
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Yeah, I saw her a few years ago. The apartment is a dump. I ended up parking a block away (nearly) and walking. After seeing her it wasn't worth it. I really can't think of a reason to visit her again...
If you make a run I would love to know how it turns out
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  • 08-17-2011, 04:38 PM
Guys thanks for the feedback, I'll take a pass too many red flags, all the rescue cats no thanks, can only imagine what that apartment smells like, thanks again much appreciated.
I have seen her very often over the past year. Everything is covered but she is fun, and you can do almost anything you want. Bring your own condoms. I get COFx2 evey visit, CBJ, multiple pos FS. She is not gorgeous, has nice MM (dd) and great personality.

Check out my review of her.
You only show 3 reviews and none seem to be her. Link?