Review: Nice time with sunny!!

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Date: 9/22/11
Provider: Sunny
Phone: - 816-518-3423
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Des moines
State: Iowa
Address: Ne 14th st
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: BBBJ,daty,mish,doggie,lazy doggie.
Session Length: 1hr
Fee: $$200
Hair Length and Color: Had it tied up the whole time. Blond highlights
Age: - 20
Smoking Status: - No
Ethnic Background: - Caucatian
Physical Description: - 5'4, nice natural 34dds nice ass, shaved kitty, baby fat, pretty girl!
Recommendation: - yes
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Nice review Scorpion!! I tried texting her a couple times as her ad says is ok to do, but she never responded back. Does she offer dfk or lfk? Good attitude?
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Yes lfk is okay with her! Ill say good overall attitude. She is available acouple times a week mostly in the mornings! Will only reply to txt the day she is available. Almost forgot she is not the girl in the pic which I already knew cuz I have seem her before but u won't be disappointed!
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Thanks Scorpion. I had heard that about the pic, but also like you said would not be disappointed. What does she require for screening? Sorry should have asked that in my first post
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Scamming with fake pics is kind of an important point IMO.
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She didn't require screening cuz she remembered me from previous encounters and first time we meet she was just starting out and I gave her a tried she just made sure I wasn't a cop. I don't know why she doesnt post real pics I'm gonna ask her! Whe she started she did post real pic this are about a year old pics but that is her!!
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When you talk to her tell her she should use her own pics cause if what you provided is her she's HOTTTTT! and ask her if she makes it over to Cedar Rapids
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yes point her to cedar rapids let her know about us regulars
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Hey guys I texted sunny today and she said that it's possible that she can go to cr i guess try and get a hold of her she might be available again this week and about pics she said she doesnt want to be recognized cuz of tattos that's why she doesnt post body pics idk!
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Thanks Scorp, just my luck tho, I'm meeting with my ATF today and tommorrow, so I may hold off contacting her this week. Nice to know she may consider coming this way tho. Will definately keep her in mind!!
Hey boys. The reason I don't post body pics is because I rarely see new clients, mostly just regulars. I have 6 tattoos and dont want to be recognized and its hard to tell the police you are not someone when you have the same tattoo in the same place. Besides, Im a busy girl so I figured if you have a problem with that you're the one missing out Granted, I do get the whole scam thing, but I happen to think I'm cuter than in the fake pics so hey.
In regards to weight gain- I was diagnosed with a blood sugar condition (no real big deal) and it did cause me to gain about 10 pounds. I am almost through with the medication so which is really what caused me to gain the weight so I should be loosing it soon! (yes I exercise just as much as i did then). On the plus size, my c cups went to double dds

Cedar Rapids guys: would be happy to come see you, might make a weekend trip out of it?
On the plus size, my c cups went to double dds
- in response to sunny, its been a year since i saw her and she never fails. very friendly
From the one pic I have seen thats actually her I think she looks great, I have been trying to set something up with her, just havent been able to get ahold of her yet
Be Real, she admits scamming people, using fake pics, what's the deal, have we lost our morals, is this what we are not against? Your on here praising someone who is using someone's elses pics to get business.
In that sense here let me sell you a picture of a corvette and give you a VW! Wow where are you guys coming out from?
I think its all about doing your homework, initially i was put off that she used fake pics, but after reading up and more than a few reputable sources verified shes real, it just tells me she values discretion. Which I prefer discretion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion