Review: The Loving Place

Date: 9/23/1
Provider: Jessica
Phone: 832-488-7138
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Houston
State: Texas
Address: Chimney Rock & Fountainview
Appointment Type: Incall
Activities: FBSM +
Session Length: 1 hr
Fee: .60 + .45
Hair Length and Color: Black shoulder length
Age: 36
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: Asian
Physical Description: About 5' 4" , 135lbs , nice legs, large sweater covered the top
Recommendation: Yes
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Good first review ampguy. Never heard of this place. good info.
[Thanks. Actually its my 2nd review but maybe has not been approved yet
The ad reads as if its one girl operating independently, but I believe
that there are 2 or 3 ladys working there. ]
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Chimney Rock and Fountainview run parallel to each other.
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Ad says "chimney rock at fairdale, 77057". And Tai (??) and chinese ladies. Thai ladies may have to give it a go
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Well Chimney Rock and Fairdale is right next to Woodrows. I used to rent the entire 5th floor in that building right there next door. That zip code is 77056, not 057.
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What he got is all that is available, but of course as always: YMMV.
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  • ric
  • 10-03-2011, 04:31 PM
Jack, Zip is 77057 WEST of Chimney Rock.
The Ad claimed 100% Real Pics, LMAO
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Thanks for the review, but is the lady 36 yrs old as indicated in the review or just 26 as shown in the ad?

The ad states 26. Maybe the author of the ad is that age...but
this lady told me she was 36
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more like 46
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more like 46 Originally Posted by midnytrydr
What he said.
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JThe Ad claimed 100% Real Pics, LMAO Originally Posted by ric
Right your are, Ric. LMAO

For Newbies, all pics in all ads are real pictures, otherwise they wouldn't exist at all, Duh.

As a rule of thumb at spas, there is only about a 2% probability that the person in the picture, will actually be there. A couple of spas, west of town and on 1960 are notable exceptions to this rule..

On BP if the picture is TGTBT then again you're looking at a 2% probability that you'll see that person opening the door for you.

more like 46 Originally Posted by midnytrydr
What he said.
Seanes is right. I must say I will have to agree 100%
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Jack, Zip is 77057 WEST of Chimney Rock.
Originally Posted by ric