Review: relaxed in raytown

Date: 2/2/12
Provider: carol
Phone: 816-805-8389
Email Address: na
URL / Website:
City: raytown
State: Missouri
Address: raytown
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: light rubbing, happy ending
Session Length: 60
Fee: 100
Hair Length and Color: blonde, shoulder
Age: 52
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: just like in her pictures. amazing body for a 53 yr old woman.
Recommendation: Yes
edit - Moved to Spa/Studio/MP Discussions as this is more of a massage review - fritz
why why why do men continue to go to women like Carolynn? I myself prefer a legit massage with a sensual he or more... and there are plenty. I might try one that I have not found a review on, but if everyone says how horrid the provider is, my money doesnt need to validate that.
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I saw her even after the bad reviews and discussion and am glad I did. I fully expected to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised. The woman is beautiful, even more so than her pics, although you definitely would not classify her rub as a massage and the ending was somewhat mechanical. I agree with you, beentheir, as far as preferring a good massage with great ending. My favorites over the years have all been gals who provide that, and for my money, looks are secondary (to a point). However, another thing I like is variety. I like seeing different women or even the same woman if she changes things a little each time, preferably doing a little more each time. I haven't been back to see Carolynn since that first trip, although her beauty haunted me for days after. I think we're all looking for something a little different and apparently Carolynn provided that for the reviewer.
Yeah, I agree with SW. Let her alone. Yes, there are lots of negative reviews, but if myfiat had a good time, rock on! I have not seen her, but she is so beautiful I still would even with the negative reviews. I think a lot of it is what you put into the situation as well. If you expect her to be crazy and smelly or whatever she will be...if you give her a chance, who knows?
Must of been a bad day for her. The cat piss smell made me sick to my stomach. She was very pretty for her age, but acted like she was on something and would jump up when she heard a noise outside. I was ready to leave.......
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her house is not clean at all. the cats are all over the place. she knows the police have been watching her house. so she will work out of other friends houses.
I had seen her once and that's all it took. one of her daughter's friends stopped by to say hi right in the middle of the massage. she quit to answer the dang door. she told me to hang around for a little until the boy left. it's not the greastest hood she lives in... Raytown.. should have been the clue...
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one of her daughter's friends stopped by to say hi right in the middle of the massage. Originally Posted by flightmedic45

WTF material right here.
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The neighborhood didn't look that bad. An older mixed neighborhood that has become of backwater of sorts. Her house didn't smell and she is a great conversationalist. That is besides the other stuff.