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Hey folks, interesting to note a promoter and a solicitor checked into Mobile's Graybar Hotel today. Given the way things have gone around here in the past, you might want to exercise a little caution when playing around Mobile for a while.
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I tell ladies to stay in Tillmans Corner. Might be less business but it keeps you away from MPD.
tillmans corner is a great little spot if you are careful not to draw attention to one's self!
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Her real name is krickette,i read it last night and it looked like a old charge,because she had no bond on probation violation.she looked like a [removed by staff] SW was from the theodore area
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Yeah LowGear those SW [removed by staff] are big in Theodore
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holy shit what are those on her face???
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holy shit what are those on her face??? Originally Posted by Mina Parker
IDK but I got some advice for her- "Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!"- John Candy in Uncle Buck
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So, has there been a lot of LE activity since I've been away? Is the Airport area okay?
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There really has not been much LE activity in a while,tillmans corner or airport blvd area are ok, as long as you are low key,I would say the airport blvd is a little safer area
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How do I act low key when I am in a Big Rig ? that's why I park behind Sammy's
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Lol I always stay in the Airport Area and have absolutely no problems. The key to wherever you stay is to STAY OUT OF SIGHT... this is where your creeping skills should come in. Try to stay away from the front desk if you are not checking in or out.... and whenever you enter or exit the building use alternate exits and entries, and dress appropriately to blend into your surroundings. If you are high volume, send some of your clients through alternate entries so that EVERYONE you see does not have to walk past the STAGE (also known as the lobby/front desk). Aim for locations with high traffic and a good number of guests that are staying there as well. Dont expect to go to a hotel with little or no traffic and then run 10 guys through the front door and think you will go unnoticed. Thats when girls ask for trouble. STAY LOKey! Its kinda like hide and go seek ya know?