BP Memory Blue

Anyone seen the 32 yr old provider "Memory Blue" in Vilonia, AR? Pics look nice so just wondering if anyone has any info. Thanks in advance.
My intel is that the pictures are not her. The ad is placed by an out of state broker posing as the provider. At the time my operative made contact, the in call was in a travel trailer in Vilonia, the session was rushed, and the service poor as a result. The provider was a lady who also advertises on BP named Kammie. She chain-smoked through the session and even got into bed with a lighted cigarette. Save the money there is no value here, and much risk in ratio to reward. It was a rather shocking story, but it really made me chortle. I still have a mental picture of a woman in lingerie, alternating puffs between cigarette and man gland. It could make for some interesting smoke rings.