Review: Ok time with TS Lorena

Date: 2nd wk Feb.
Provider: Lorena
Phone: 281 235 4755
Email Address: none
URL / Website:
City: houston
State: Texas
Address: Westheimer & Chim area.
Appointment Type: Incall
Activities: CBJ, LK, K9, Mish, ck fighting?
Session Length: 30
Fee: $40
Hair Length and Color: Dark brown, mid back length
Age: mid 20's?
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: Hispanic
Physical Description: Lorena is about 5'8, really slim and smooth. One of the most feminine TS's i've ever been with or have had the pleasure to meet. Pic's are fairly accurate, a bit touched up, but it's definitely her.
Recommendation: Yes
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To bad the menu sucks. It may be YMMV. I'll keep her on the back of the list. Thanks for the review my man!
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Yep, pass on this one. I've talked to her and she is negotiable, but that's as far as I took it.
Great review thanks for the recon...
FYI, be warned guys. A member (whom I trust) was robbed, literally, by this provider and another girl who were at his domicile.
He was a regular for both of them. They took his wallet, and out the door they went.

This was posted in the "ROB" section on SRG for about a year prior to the sites demise.

wow really? Link disnug?
wow really? Link disnug? Originally Posted by onetime
Unfortunately I cannot provide a working link. is no longer a running website.

As I said though, I trust him (tannerman), as two of the girls I've seen were recommendations of his. The girls I saw both knew him, and he is a Houston regular to most of the girls.

Anyway, that's all I've got. Just a warning.

wow, crazy...never got that feeling, but, I won't be going back anyway.