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let us know how it goes!
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TGTBT as always my guess
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She shares the account with an AA is the only negative I can find.
Sarge, whatcha see in your crystal ball?
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She posted in Austin BP as well.

Search of ECCIE turns up reports on a different Kourtney. ( a blonde)

No tineye hits.

Phone ties to Ft Walton Florida. No name

No other provider hits on this phone.

May want to post and ISO in Austin forum to see if any of the guys there took the plung and did not report. I would ask for a simple PM....
Was down in Austin tonight, got a no show from a SC playmate so I thought that I might hit her up since I saw her ad in Austin. No immediate answer but call me back about 30 minutes later and found out she in Dallas. I guess Austin wasn't to her liking or not enough interest. I tried but no luck.
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I think I found an Austin review on her but not 100% it's her. BP link was gone. Not a good review. No kissing, anywhere! No this, no that.
I scratched everything but those pictures from my mind.