any info? Massage by Kimmie BP

Fuck me i love the chola look! please tell me she's real!!!

she looks real.. but the ? is, will anyone get more then a massage? boyz.. and info?
and it looks like Megan and Marie are there too............
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Has anyone heard anything about Kimmie? I see she is posting on Craigslist now.
I saw kimmie 2 weeks ago. She looks much better in person and is a nice girl. I was suprised by the quality of the massage. After much begging on my part I did get a H.E. I get the feeling she had never or at least not done that very often because she really didn't seem to know how. But she finally got it right. She told me she is always the first one there in the mornings. I may go see her again. I haven't seen the other girls. But kimmie is very pretty. The prettiest girl I have ever seen off of backpage or craigslist.