Review: BP Candy

Date: Last week
Provider: Candy
Email Address: N/A
URL / Website:
City: Irving
State: Texas
Address: 183 and O'Connor
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: Upsell and convo
Session Length: 5 minutes
Fee: None, wanted 200
Hair Length and Color: Black weave past her shoulders
Age: 22? Not too sure about that
Smoking Status: Smoker
Ethnic Background: Black/African
Physical Description: Basically what you get in the pictures. Body wasn't too bad, but she looked more aged in person than in the pictures. Very sweet voice, and seemingly nice girl. Smoke smell all around, though.
Recommendation: No
Seen her awhile back. We agreed to an hhr incall for 80. Nice conversation and offered me a drink. Made me feel very comfortable. BCD was OK. She kept texting me for another appt. Told her to come my way, and she said no. Have not spoken to her since.
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So in other words, You wanted more service than you had money. Dont try to blame it on the girl, The girl is HOT!
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No, she used a low price to lure him in, then tried to upsell and he didn't buy it.

Classic bait and switch, and a sign of bad faith.

I wouldn't touch this one.
It's amazing modelclient123 joins today and his 1st post is coming to the defense of someone trying to pull a bait and switch
Nuthin but self-glorification.
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Yea she referred me I looked her up and found this. Tsk Tsk 200 is standard for gfe. The problem is broke guys wanna play a wealthy man's game.
Bs to model