How do you prefer your partner hairy or hairless?

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I have shaved my lower abdomen and groin area in the past completely clean and seemed to me the ladies did not care either way. Today I trim the hedges and attempt to keep it groomed.

I have also shaved my abdomen and chest area completely in the past. I am not a very hairy man but I am not bare either. I remeber seeing Seductive Elle and she was doing one of her famous BBBJCIM to me when she lifted her head up to pick a hair out of her teeth, lol. That made me think, I should groom better, lol. So at that time I shaved completely chest and groin. understand also those of you that have not seen me, i am not a body builder, with bulging muscles everywhere, I have a small gut and well my chest has gotten floppy as well, not overweight floppy but old age floppy, lol.

I do not enjoy picking pubic hairs out of my teeth either, but most providers shave clean. I think for looks I prefer the landing strip on a lady, a little hair but not much. With landing strip ladies I never pick my teeth after dining either. Just looks better to me.

So, what do you prefer bare, landing strip, or bushy?

Ladies do prefer bare, little bush or bushy? And how about the chest, bare, hairy, or some hair?
For me, anything but the bush. I remember one time back in college I pulled the panties off of a lady and I swear it was so hairy that I couldn't find the sweat spot. From that point on I swore off the jungle.
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I don't mind alittle hair in the southern area..I just hate it when its so hairy you need a brush to find what your looking for the chest area I love a man with alittle hair on their chest..yum yum!!
I think a man should be just that.... A man lol I like hair on a chest. My perfect preference is shaved balls (cos I have a ball fetish, that's another story lol). And a neatly trimmed pubic area..... Not bushy but trimmed. I don't like shaved completely because my girl is soft and smooth and it's like grinding sand paper. That's my opinion lol
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I like a landing strip or bald.

I have a hairy chest and I'm well groomed.
Oh and on the girls.... I prefer shaved or landing strip with smooth lips..... I mean that's my preference when dining at the y myself lol
Don't like shaved pubic region on a man because the hair grows back course and scratchy (think of your jawline after NOT shaving for a day or two). Trimmed, not bushy.
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I been manscaping for a while chest arms but I just trim down south I dont shave just trim. I dont like hair on my chest and my arms just me
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Hair is not one of the things thats a make or break for me. I like them all. I do like to DATY though, and that is a make or break for me.
+1 LAVixian, unless he shaves JUST BEFORE we meet, I would rather he just trim the bushes down a bit!
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I have a hairy chest, but trim below. I love to daty, so I prefer shaved or landing strip.
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I like it salt & pepper semi hairy chest.nice to run my fingers thru!
but I prefere the boys and Mr Johnson to be trimmed or much easier to enjoy!

as for the gal.....shaved or landing strip..............I HATE HAIRY KITTIES!{lol}
Well I'm a shaver but I do it every couple of days...more if necessary :-). I have a hard time going back to hair down there even if trimmed since I've been shaving for so long. I actually let the SO wax me once...never again!!! LOL
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  • 04-11-2012, 08:34 PM
I've shaved my chest before but as it grows back it gets to a certain length and starts itching and causes bumps. Hair is interesting though. I love a woman's head hair, but if she has a moustache I'm instantly turned off. Gee. I wonder if there's any moustache providers out there bc I'm sure someone would bang them and give them a Yes. As far as the bush goes, shave it.
Shave that shit so I can enjoy without choking! MMMM