Great Legs

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Check out Fawn's legs! Originally Posted by golftx2010
I must agree. Fawn has incredible legs.
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Hey baby would love to meet.. Originally Posted by Pleasure09
Best pictures I've seen of you! Lookin' great!

Can't forget my muse Lindsey when it comes to great gams as well.

I have sexy legs with cute feet for sure!
My legs aren't athlete's legs, but they are nice and toned, and I always have pretty manicured toes

Check out my site and the rest of my pics and let me know if you're interested!

I don't answer these things very often, but I gotta toot my own horn

Toot toot!
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Toot! Toot! Dannie!
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Ladies, You all have very beautiful legs, thanks for sharing. Dam I hate having a woody so early on in the day.
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I have 2 of the most sexiest legs babe!!!!!!!!!!!
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"Great Legs" is really subjective... Originally Posted by phildo
Actually, it's not subjective at all.

He specifically asked for "not muscular, just toned and lithe". It appears that very few posters know what "lithe" means. Let me help:

Focus on the "athletically SLIM" part of the definition.

Maybe two of the women who posted here fit the definition.

Ballerina legs? Good. Long, slim and toned.

Mary Lou Retton legs? Bad. Short, thick, overly muscular.

Kim Kardashian legs? Do I really need to answer that?

Does that help?
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Thank you ExNYer!!! Someone who finally gets it. I do appreciate all the input from those who have chimed in, especially the kind ladies offers. I may have found what I crave though.
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Angel Knight - Fantastic legs... And I believe fit the stated definition ....

I'm just sayin....
Fawn had a post not long ago with her legs in it. Wow those legs look amazing. Hope to see them in person some day.

Also check out EmilyEzel her avatar shows her nice legs.
Emily Ezzel's legs are amazing....I have had the privelage of seeing them first hand!!
Dannie, I haven't had a chance to meet you....but your legs.....OH HELL YES!!
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