Newbie here for the forbidden fruit

So, my first post, and I am going to do this to break myself into the hobby world.

I would like to do one of 3 things, so hopefully I can find at least one I am searching for :

1 - I wish for a training session, complete with a DATY class. As it stands, I want to be good, because it is not just the companion, but I know that the man should know things.

2 - I have always wanted a MFM. Maybe I can be taken under someones wing to meet and learn some ropes? I have also wanted to try being in a Gang Bang (the er not the ee)

3 - A good adventurous session involving some more intimate (not just GFE) experiences, say SS and more towards PSE.

I know that in time I will be able to get established here, and that sounds good. I would like to hobby at least monthly to get started in the community.

As for my preferences, I do not discriminate, but AA's are not attractive to me. I apologize. also, Although curves are delicious, I would prefer to be within a reasonable weight. Finally, I am from North Dallas, Plano Richardson area.

Thanks for your replies!