It's my Birthday!! who wants to give me a massage?

I'm feeling extra old this morning. i need someone who can give me a great massage to get me feeling my own age again please pm me if you're interested. I'm in the HEB area if that makes a difference
Most gals able to provide a good massage are not going to be hanging around waiting to reply to an ISO.

Let me give you a couple of recent reviews for some ideas of who to contact. With massage therapist, better to seek them out than wait for them to come to you.

CindeeSue - Hurst

HannahMarie - Arlington

Jynx - Arlington (offers all levels of service, but she may be in Dallas per latest ad)

Leilover - North Dallas, but dang she sounds interesting (less massage, more play)

Original Blonde - Bedford

No recent review, but also consider VNurse.

And yes, I know I got carried away with my suggestions.
Hey Baby, Im your girl...avaliable in the Mid-Cities
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Thank you so very much, tigercat! I don't have any r event reviews because I rarely get reviews at all. I guess that's part of the deal of being around forever, huh?

Happy Birthday milfsneeded! I truly hope you found someone or something to make you feel better! I'm here any time!