Date: *5/19/2012 *
Provider: *BP LIZZIE *
Phone: *469-671-7482 *
Email Address: *N/A *
URL / Website: * *
City: *Dallas *
State: Texas*
Address: *75/coit *
Appointment Type: Incall*
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes *
Activities: *GFE to the MAX! BBBJ, SS, CFS, MISH, K9, SURF BOARD, TANGLED, SQUATTING, GREEK, open to COF, CIM, not offered COpuppy-dog *
Session Length: *1hr + *
Fee: *160 + tip *
Hair Color and Length: *Brown, shoulder length *
Age: *40 *
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell*
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian*
Physical Description: *Lizzie actually looks just like her pictures on BP. He face shot on BP seems blurry but it looks exactly like her. Grocery Store MILF. Nice knocker that look face but are real and firm. Nice tan. Nice smile and French nails on both hands and feet.*
Lizzie was easy to schedule. I called but it went to her vm. She called right back. Her in call was nice and clean. She was a complete picture of GFE.*
SEE ROS for more! *
Recommendation: Yes
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This is in Houston forum. Is she in Houston?
This is DALLAS FORUM. Check the top. Did it show up in Houston too?

To each his own
  • zebra
  • 05-20-2012, 12:11 AM
She is smoking hot for 40-ish and eager for just about everything...
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She does look hot for that age.

To each his own Originally Posted by gpws4cfit
  • lluv2
  • 05-20-2012, 10:28 AM
You guys are crazy! How do you get any idea of BB. There was never any mention BB was offered or entertained? Go back and read.

Maybe I need to clarify better on my next review. For that, I apologize.

She said I could shoot my load in her ass or in her pussy. Not even me, poised right before the two options thought the invitation meant take off your rubber, shove it in my pussy or shove it in my ass and shoot your wad. I took it to mean I can shoot it AT her pussy or AT her bung hole!

NEVER BB for me. Yes, I will work it close as a nice SS hinting the hot spot is a wonderful feeling but I have a wife at home as I'm sure most of you do too! Explaining where cash disappeared to, who's phone that is, why I smell like smoke when my work place is non-smoking.... All of those get my heart rate racing but try explaining how I acquired an STD when I would never do that Baby! I love you! Yea right!

C'mon guys! The mention of a cover was often. It was certainly mentioned by me as I reached for it!

Really? This is a hot MILF at the high five not a 4'11, 90lb blonde in SW Ft Worth!
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Nice Nice Job REIPP, I wish she was in Ft Worth, HAHAHAHA
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glad you had a deliteful time w/ Lizzie.
lots of fun activities listed!!!

PMDELITES, to address your concerns, I shared them for her sake too. However, it was her choice not mine. No switching of the hood until it was full of my own flow.

We do share that wonderment of concern for irritation but who are we, right? We don't have a tight little slit plus she is a professional. Lol

Thanks for your comments!
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Wow.. No way those things are real... Can't be.. Are they really?
Jazz player, it's real. Go visit and report back. She is fun and get very into pleasing Herself and you.

Check yer out and repot back!