Christina on BP


Some days ago, I lined up something with this girl:

When I met Christina for the appointment, I found the girl in the photos did not match the girl at the door. The girl at the door was roughly 5'6", and looked very pregnant. I cut things short and decided to leave.

Phone 832-893-6660
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man, what is going on with BP. to much crap going on. if it is not bait and switch, it's that you can't get a hold of the provider that just advertised, you get a hold of that provider and when you are pretty much close enough or already at their location, they don't answer their phone, or they say they are gfe but when you get there it's extra even though their own website says their service is inclusive with the donation it is another. yes, i have experienced all of the above and that is why i started writing reviews for TER and just recently within the past few months signed up for this.
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I hear ya punisher. From what I hear a lot of the same providers just keep changing their photos and/ or names. Most have pimps. A lot of bait and switch, pictures not even looking close to what the person at the door looks like, and Ive heard about a lot of cash and dashes lately. I might be a newbie here but thats one reason I signed up..... to find out who is real and who isnt.
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When I click on the link, I don't get an ad to come up. I just get a page with a bunch of links to other ads. That happens a lot when I click on a BP link here.
The Ad was recently deleted.
Which Christina?
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  • Asyut
  • 07-02-2010, 06:43 PM
I got the link and it was the one that I was looking at! Thanks for the info. Saved time and money. Thought it was too good to be true...