Google Images Search vs Tineye

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I just noticed a feature in Google Images that I thought I would share. I think by now many of us have used tineye on occasion to double check and see if someones pictures are real. In my experience, I noticed that Tineye is about 50/50. It will normally show several examples or it will show 0 results. If you go to and then click on the camera button in the right of the search bar, it will give you an option of pasting the images URL or uploading the photo like tineye but since it is google, you are getting the benefit of the google image search database which is pretty powerful. Check it out and use it to double check images if tineye does not find anything. The more you know....
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Good info thanks CE
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Thanks for the info. I just tried it on an image from earlier today. Tineye gave me 2 results, this method gave me 7 pages.

Awesome job.
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That one is new to me, but a very nice tool - thanks!
,,,,,thats what she said!!
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Thanks for the info.