Im sure its been asked before but...

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Which provider has the best DT skills?? I'm not looking for best BJ but the best DT..
.....where's Altbier when you need him for a reply?
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  • Mokoa
  • 06-25-2012, 10:54 PM
ISO request.

Moved to the proper forum.
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Since dennis invoked my name, I guess I'll have to respond. Yes, this question has been asked before, but it never hurts to keep one of my favorite subjects fresh. There are at least 3 variables for consideration: Do you require specific physical characteristics for the provider?, How big is your erect member?, and How do you define DT?. For me, I want a pretty, HWP provider who can hold my larger than average unit down her throat with her nose in my bellybutton. Given these considerations, I'd rank Slave Guinevere first, followed closely by Addison Riley, then Purrrsia. Others, I'm sure, have their favorites. I know I intend to keep trying to find SA's version of Heather Brooke.
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I would say naughty jezabelle, atxdream
handyGiraffe's Avatar no particular order....Buxom Brown, KlassyKelliAnn, Addison, KourtneyKupps, Abby...the list grows long...
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Oops, misspelled Addison Rylee.
I think I'm pretty skilled! *wink
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Alt has a nice solid list,just saw Shilo is back in the game,and should be considered,IMHO
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I think I'm pretty skilled! *wink Originally Posted by 82Vinny
You up for a challenge? Read post #4 before you respond.
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Well nose to belly button is a must! Heather Brooke is a godess for sure!! I like a girl to take it nice and slow from head to base then, with the nose grind, use her throat muscles to pump or milk my member.
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The only equal I've had to slave guinivere is layla angelique in Austin
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How the hell did I forget to put Likinikki up at the top of the list? A major brain fart on my part.
My throat muscles are almost as good as! (lol)
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Shudders at Nikki's response!! ;-)