Syracuse - Michaela

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  • cnym
  • 05-12-2010, 12:21 PM
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I been emailing her she emailed me back . But would not set up a time, see just wanted to meet right then. She said photos are her and taken with in the last 2 months. See wanted my # said she will call this morning and has not as of now. I will give an update if i find out more.
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saw her last night actually. pictures surely are her. shes brand new, and displays her newness in all kind of ways. really nice kid, but a kid
She's a beautiful young woman
She is very good looking.. Maybe we could get a review Jakemo?
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id frankly rather not. shes so young and new at this it wouldnt be fair. shes a nice, nice young woman, just as pretty as she appears. she did so many things wrong that it would just not be that good. so id rather not. shes going to be fine, if she takes the time to figure this sport out.
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i messaged her on another site she replied and said she could come to the buffalo ny area just let her now in advance
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That's too bad as a nice nonmalicious constructive review would help other guys know how they may be able to help her in her maturation process -- and help her too. I do understand you having sympathy for her though, so hopefully you at least tried to steer her in the right direction in all the areas that she could improve.
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what i did was suggest to her that she speak to some of the women here who are true professionals at their work. women who know how to provide a quality experience and still protect themselves from the ever present dangers our world provide.

not all of us are good guys. we do what we do for the reasons we do, and id rather suggest the guidance of another woman than the guidance of a bunch of men guided by their dicks ...

we are all of free will, but good decisions are made when information is as complete as possible. we all explore and test our limits, or at least i think we should, but we do wear helmets when we ride motorcycles, you know?
I totally understand! Would you tell us just the worst thing she did wrong? haha? I want to decide if I should call her... $300 is pretty hefty..
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i thought three hundred and a stop watch were a little much. when i suggested that to her, she showed obvious lack of knowlege and asked what she should charge.

she asked for references and then didnt check them. i told her i thought it would be better if she did, safety and all.

shes just a kid. a pretty kid, but a kid none the less.