the lodge

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has anyone ever got action at this place?

they sure do have some hot ladies there!!
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I recall some members here saying they have, and others implying it wasn't as easy or as reasonably priced, compared to other clubs. I believe you have to either go upstairs, which has always sounded either expensive as hell to do, or requires an expensive membership, and it's always sounded like most of the girls there want a ton of money for any hardcore extras. With the price to go upstairs, plus an insane amount for extras, I would think most SC hobbyists would be thinking why not just go to an AMP, studio, see a provider, or just try and get extras at a different club?

There have been threads about the Lodge that pop-up from time-to-time. You can probably get a gist of peoples take on the Lodge by using the search function. Type "Lodge" in the keyword field, under that select search by threads, and then on the right side scroll and filter your search through the Dallas SC forum.
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Save your time and your money..... Been there done that. My VIP card and a number of well placed 20s can get you up stairs and in a cave room or a corner enclosed booth..... A few times i dropped probably 2-3 grand there with a room full of model type beauties who kept losing their g-strings and amply demonstrated their hetro and bi orientations. About a yr ago my old frat brother (runs a huge hedge fund) and a few of his colleagues were there and invited me to join them.... We had the large corner room 5 guys and 10 girls with more asking to come up to join the fun.... I paid nada but understood the tab was about $10k AND NO ONE got laid .... I never frequent any of the other clubs but it seems your funds go a lot further elsewhere
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For the casual club-goer who wants something more than hot women and full contact dances you should just go to CR. I've been a Lodge VIP member since 1996 and married 2 of the dancers/strippers/whatever they call themselves now (nothing to really be that proud of btw) and I promise you there are plenty of extras to be had, BUT because the environment affords them such opportunity to make $$ or at least it did until at least recently, a casual or infrequent club-goer would be really fighting the odds - and why bother when CR and apparently a few other places are low hanging fruit. To really get the "extras" you guys ask for simply won't happen w/ just personality or $$ most of the time.

On the other hand, MOST of the women who really want to make $$ will be very receptive to OTC arrangements if they like you for whatever reason (they are dancers and not escorts remember, but the line is very fine often), but it is not going to come cheap. Too many people out there like Roothead’s friends (no offense meant here btw) that might/do drop the occasional few grand for some expense account fun have jaded reality for some of the truly hot women. It's a unique environment at the Lodge and not like any other club in Dallas. The whole $10k thing has my head shaking because, well - I just can't imagine that based on my experience. I mean, at some point $$ motivates anyone.
Whatever, I've been there 500 times maybe in the past 16 years? And will offer this up - I took some friends this weekend to have some fun and probably for the first time - I could find none. Weirdest night ever – and that includes a lot of nights.

Arrived at 10:00 PM and was the 3rd VIP to sign in. Ate dinner w/ my friends till 11:00 and started trying to have fun. Girl #1 was on main stage and met all my normal criteria (30+, boobs, not short hair, playful, etc.), but when I tipped her generously on stage #4 next to my table she was all that plus the added delight of a hugely strong garlic/onion breath that, well – not sure what to say other than it was disgusting. Even after she re-appeared after the locker room freshen up, same <sigh>. So strike one and 45 mins wasted. Girl #2 then showed up and we realized she had a prior experience w/ one of the friends with me (after 3 songs) and he was no longer interested so strike #2.

Now girl #4. The night was so boring I asked our waitress if the hot woman I had seen a couple of times before was in (she is a very late arrival 11:00PM+) and of course she was and in the dressing room getting ready. She is an “A Team” member (see prior post) and HOT, no - really smoking HOT, and I had seen her a couple of times before, but never had more than 3 dances w/ her in total over 2 last of the evening nights. Soon after talking to our waitress another dancer shows up and starts the routine and wow, I really like her – go figure (or maybe it was just the slowness of the night and the alcohol, but whatever…). She told me the hot friend had sent her out to entertain me until princess was ready. Typical w/ these “A Team” women btw, but this woman was really attractive and definitely knew how to dance. Too bad she wasn’t independent or she could have just stayed w/ us and all would have been well. But since she is a team member she had to do her scout duty until princess comes out and make sure no one snags me. This is where it turned sort of ugly. Princess shows up in her usual HOTness self (she really is gorgeous) and says we should go upstairs and play.

I say that’s great, but its 12:30 and I’m out in an hour so we will pay as you go by dance ( I NEVER agree to the hourly rate thing btw – maybe I’m just old or whatever, but no one pays ME by the hour w/o some kind of performance expectation). Anyway, she just smiles and says that will be $x10 for the hour. WTF? Oh and her “scout” had to come so she could be the lookout while we played and I needed to pay her too. Really? WTF again. I politely (or best I could) declined. She then whispered that her BJ was legendary and swallowed and would always welcome more. Again WTF? Hard to even continue this conversation, but I politely declined again and after some conferring she bid me adieu and left w/ the scout. Oh, should I add that before she ever showed up from the dressing room the 1st time, the penguin suit guy comes over to the table and pours 2 @ $75 skip drinks which I agreed to, but never ordered. Bad thing about drinking and lateness and boredom – your best judgment waivers. So strike #3.

1:15 now and we are leaving to catch the cab, but can’t leave a full drink right? Noticed a really good and qualified woman that had been standing at the bar for an hour by now and motioned for her to come over (again, blame it on alcohol an lateness). She was really cool tho and funny and very attractive so, hey better than the rest of the evening – well until I got to the “How long have you danced here?” 2 weeks. “Where before that?” – never. Awww, Hell – nothing about this is good. But the night had sucked and I was trying to celebrate so I asked her to dance for me and she tried, poor thing I think she tried but stayed 12” or more away from me and kept removing her hands off her hips, etc. So, after the seemingly never-ending song finally did end, I paid the $20 and asked if she wanted a drink since it was 1:30 by now and at least she was fun to talk to. Sure, so she sits on my lap and proceeded to put on the Maidenform-like standard issue flesh colored bra again. Again w/ the WTF look on my face. After asking WTF, she says she will sit on my lap and stay for a drink, but bra had to stay on. Or she would be happy to take it off, but I would have to pay her the normal $20/song rate. Really? I mean, my brain was actually hurting at this point because I’ve just never had a woman in my lap at a strip club in a standard issue bra in my whole 1000+ club experienced life. She told me that she could be making $20 song dancing if she were not on my lap and I said you could be standing by the bar for 30 more minutes with no drink and in fact you probably should. <sigh> so we left.
Net Lodge Expense
$80 <cash> dances (1 was good – the scout)
$120 <cash> cab round trip.
$450 bar tab <cc> (2 skip shots a lot of waitress drinking)
-0- Fun
$800 <cash> “found money” that I didn’t spend at the Lodge.

Sooooo, takeaways from the current Lodge visit at least on this particular Friday night:
They have turned the lights up REALLY bright throughout the club.
Very slow for both women and customers.
The waitresses are still awesome.
The chicken wings are kick ass!
The “A Team” shows up after 11:30 and really changes the dynamic of the place.
Am VIP, but have not found anyone worthy of walking up all those stairs in 3 visits now.

Tonight tho, went to CR and had an awesome time – not to mention it is waaaaayyyy less expensive. The girls at CR are very willing to please and the VIP room is reasonable and I know where the bathrooms are and…