San Antonio!!!

HI guys and Gals!!!

Its my first visit to SanAntonio this week and wondering Just the Basics of course....

The where's and where not's!!

Good places to Eat....which I can only imagine the list!!!

I look forward to seeing YOu guys and thanks for the Info!!

Feel free to PM any info if needed!!


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be sure & visit the Riverwalk...have fun!
Thanks Dallas!!!
Visiting the Riverwalk is a must if it is your first visit. Have a cocktail down there in the evening when it is relatively cool. However, I would not recommend eating there. Mostly food is average at a higher cost than the quality deserves.

For Mexican, I'd recommend Rosario's--close to downtown in an area called Southtown. Lots of other eclectic places in that area. For Italian, my favorite is Piatti's in the Quarry. For a kind of casual, different atmosphere and food, you can hit La Gloria's in the old Pearl Brewery area. If you are on the Riverwalk, you can even take a river taxi to the location. Be careful with the margaritas there. I've had some that put me six feet under and others that were nothing more than fruit juice.

I can't help you with the nightlife as I'm pretty much a homebody these days. Way past my prime in this area.

Obviously, there are plenty of other places to hit, but hopefully these suggestions will help.
Thanks MrRubble...I look forward to the Riverwalk I'm not a big Mexican Lover Its not that I don't love Mexican it just doesn't love ME....

Have a great Day and see you guys soon!!
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Try Il Sogno and Sandbar, also in the Pearl Brewery area.
if you wanna go relax and enjoy the scenery check out the chinese tea garden near the sa zoo have fun
Thanks to Both I really look forward to my First visit!!!!
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If you need a guide I will be happy to show you around
If you need a guide I will be happy to show you around Originally Posted by pickupkid
I will keep that in mind although if not much interest is shown I might have to skip San Antonio this trip?!?!??
Welcome to SA Sydney! Check your PMs hon.
pappadeaux{caujun) and paesano's(Italian).