stories behind your handle

What are the stories behind your handle? Any regrets? Originally Posted by Irespectherbutt
You don't wanna know...I've confided in a few, select fems...but, what it stands for versus the stories behind it are two completely different things...and, for that, I cannot nor will expound on this public board!
I am a Daddy that loves DATY....Young Fresh Sweet DATY.........Ahhhhhh.....Whozu rdaty....
I was a drummer in high school and college, had a (now classic) Slingerland set. My first ex- made me sell it .
Redhead! Enough said!
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Not much of a story here, but I was so excited when I discovered Eccie and I thought I had to come up with a handle right away. I didn't put much thought into it, except to think of what a crappy golfer I am. My golf game hasn't gotten any better, but I probably should have given the handle more consideration and done something more original.
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When I joind ASPD in '06 I had been a non-member lurker for several months and enjoyed the handles.. I pondered some combination involving words like probe or plow with some reference to femal anatomy. I thought about some obscure word play or pun on my real name.

I finally setteled on a handle that has nothing to do with me and at first glance is just an alpha-numeric jumble—like a license plate. If you look again it may seem a bit sugestuve of an old joke involving oral sex. I think an '80s band had an album with a similar title too (Van Halen?).

Just say ithe letters and numbers fast outloud—and you'll get it.
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Kinda self explanatory. Helps get the dealbreakers out of the way early on.
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Oh shit, need a handle...(scans desk). Hmm Ampad brand envelopes. Guess that'll do.
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Sitting In front of the computer setting up my acct when asked for a handle "Hell Yes" by BECK was playing on iTunes.
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This is the story behind mine

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reading these, I've had some ah hah, now I get it moments, and several good laughs! All very interesting! Thank You!
Lol... Irespectherbutt
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Mine is a quote from Bruce Willis' character in The Fifth Element. See the quote below. Always thought it was funny as hell, and a little oddball.
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Mine is a quote from Bruce Willis' character in The Fifth Element. See the quote below. Always thought it was funny as hell, and a little oddball. Originally Posted by Meat Popsicle

Such a weird, but cool, movie, one of my favorites from Willis and a pre-Resident Evil Milla Jovovich. Did you know she co-created and mastered an over 400-word alien language for her role as the alien Leeloo?

Many people think that I borrowed my name in part from the song "Fancy" made popular by Reba McEntyre (although originally written and recorded by Bobbie Gentry) about a dirt-poor mother training and sending her daughter off to be a high-class hooker. Nope.

I'm nearly 6 ft tall and have been wearing high heels for years, something perceived as impractical and showy in a poor Irish family. My Gram used to ask me, "Why ye bein' all fancy in heels, bairn?" (Bairn means "child" among the Irish and Scots.) She just thought I was calling attention to myself. Well, yes, of course I was. When I decided to become a companion, that phrase came to mind and just seemed perfect, imaginative and original enough not to be forgotten easily, like me, I hope.
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Most of You will prob not remember the Cartoon " Krazy Kat " his arch enemy was
" Ignatz the unscrupulous cute mouse

Thus " Iggy "