Newbie and I'm Exotic...

Hey everyone, Ms.Stacy here ready and looking for some fun. I am very friendly and love to meet new people. Kinda new to it all but I'm sure yall will help me with that. ~wink~
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Welcome, and have fun... any pictures?
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Welcome babe! Hope to see your showcase soon. Have fun and hang loose...

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Welcome...looking foward to some pics
How do i link/or add pics?
Stacy, there is an icon above the Reply text box, looks like a landscape, click on it, and you can past a link to your pic in there. Ping me if you need assistance.

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Welcome! Always great to see someone new!
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Welcome aboard, we are glad that you are here. At the top of the Provider Ad foroums is a sticky that tells you how to become a Verified provider with all the associated perks. If you need help with this just ask any of your mods.

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Just adding my WELCOME to a new member and aspiring Provider.. Take a look around. There are a lot of experienced and interesting people on the Board and I know you will find a lot of helpful people in your travels here on our little fantasy excursion...
Travel safely and enjoy..
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Hey Everyone...I just want to say HI to Stacy and say welcome...hope everyone is nice to you! And yall better be...because she is my friend! And we love to play with each if you have any questions about her or anything...just PM me!
  • T-Can
  • 05-20-2010, 02:35 PM
Well hello Stacy! And Alyssa!(I like that your incall is near me)
Thanks to everyone and my to girl (alyssa) she is great... and my site is for some extra insight on what is to be expected... I know i will be verified soon and we'll have some real fun....
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Welcome. Looking forward to your showcase! Have fun.