Review: Chinese relax

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Date: 7/30/12
Provider: never gave name, but same lady as in ad picture
Phone: 214-670-2069
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Richardson
State: Texas
Address: lingco dr just north of 635 I75
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: Massage L0
Session Length: one hour
Fee: 65
Hair Length and Color: Black to shoulders
Age: 40ish
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: Asian
Physical Description: Better looking than her ad, but does not dress to impress. Nice shape
Recommendation: Yes
Not sure if Lo was by choice, but if not
Be aware she is very cautious. If she has never seen you before you
Must spell out that what you want and assure her you are not
LE. Upon a 2nd visit this will disappear. I have seen her 4 times,
Incluiding outcalls to my house with minimal extra cost and
I was at least 2o miles from her. Very nice lady
Who gives a great legit massage +.She will talk as
Little or as much as you want. Told me
About her travels, her son, different
Cities/parlors she has worked in..Very
Intelligent and personable. I like to see her on outcalls
Early in the am. She comes straight from the gym
And wears shorts showing her slim toned legs, which
Ain't much but is still better than her professional
Office wear. One word of caution-use a hobby
Phone for sure! She keeps a "client list". She
uses it to notate/separate regular clients
From her special ones. I called from a
Work phone she did not recognize, and she
Could not immediately place me when
Asking for an outcall on 2nd visit. I
Gave my old # and then she found it on her
List. Definitely made my heart skip
A beat when I heard of her
Record keeping! Lol. But never
Do I get a malicious/blackmaily
Vibe at all.
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I have posted on her recently. If you want a massage she is better than average. However, if you are seeking anything in the hobbyist mode, she is very limiting on what isavailable. I recignize her fear of LE, but she disappoints too many to offer anything else.