Review: (United Kingdom) Aimee - A French Tarte in Dublin

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Date: 9/5/2012
Name: Aimee
Contact Info: +353 89 9516420
URL / Website:
General Area: My hotel in downtown Dublin
Activities: LFK, DFK, BBBJ, CG, Doggie, Anal, CIM
Session Length: 1.5 hours
Fee: 300 Euros
Hair Length and Color: Long black hair
Age: 21
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Physical Description: Aimee is a tall beautiful French girl living temporarily in Dublin. Her English is very good, however she has a sensuous French accent! She has very light skin, a very nice (lean) build with all natural D's (she advertises C's, but these are the firm D's of young woman).
Recommendation: Yes
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Awl4knot is now combing the world for hot escorts, and he finds Charlie Drake, the American rake, making whoopie with a truly gorgeous French chick in Dublin town. Great, hot review, and do you think you could talk her into an American tour? She would be a sensation.
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Awl....You're too funny! I've learned a trick or 2 from you over the years, a couple of my activities may look somewhat familiar to you. I was shocked at the lack of beautiful Irish lasses in Dublin, however the selection of Europeans (partiicularly Spaniards) was quite amazing. Had I not been meeting up with a group I would have taken another, likely one of the Spaniards! I have been fortunate to do work in Europe and experience their varying hobbying scenarios, which tends toward a broader menu than we are typically accustomed to....some of which I have reviewed here on ECCIE. I'm certain that I owe you a pint or 2
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Charlie, Save the suds and get me some of that Kilbeggan, and Aimee. I reread the review and it was still smoking hot. Man, don't you live the life.