watertown massage

anyone know of a good massage place in watertown im working there and it seems only rochester and buffalo have any half way decent ones any help would be great thanks
You would think there should be somewhat more activity up in the Fort Drum area. That base is HUGE.
I've looked for years and have never found anything. You either need to go to Syracuse, or hit the escorts on BP.
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I have been in Watertown/Fort Drum for 3 years... Nothing in the way of an AMP. There are just ladies that post on BP and most of them are hit or miss. Your best bet is to head down to Syracuse.
Noticed this the other day, havent called yet, but did find she posted once in rochester too. Always can give her a buzz, I just have had no hobby time lately!

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If you don't mind crossing the border, Kingston Ont. is only about 45 min from Alexandria Bay. Ive been to " A touch of Class " right on Princess St. Sign out front, also have a web site. Check the Kingston Wig newspaper online for other spots.....all legal there.........why mess with watertown talent and maybe run into a problem.