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GOOD EVENNNINNG.... ("creepy voice") LOL

Welcome to Nikki Monroe's LITTLE HOUSE OF ( HORRORs) LOL...

NAH for real tho HEY GUYS,

I am in town thru OCT. 31! Then off to see my little SPOOKS for a while. I hope I get to see you! I will be dressing up all day as a few different characters SO feel free to make a request for " NAUGHY NURSE NIKKI", VAMPIRE VIXXEN MONROE,( watch the teeth LOL), or SEX KITTEN. : LETS HAVE SOME FUN this Halloween. I know I'm going to... SPOOKY SPECIALZ till I leave {{ 100HH- 175HR }} for MEMBERS. Don't forget to mention your part of the ECCIE family!! __ please check my reviews__
& showcase for more info and pics... also google me if you like NIKKI MONROE KC..

..... I'll be waiting BABY... NIKKI MONROE KC AKA QUEEN KC 619-204-6844