Gone undercover as lost ho to get info, will report back to mod or boss bitch
Lol, he is going to face book me the profiles of his hoes
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This should be good....
Lol it is but how about that greasy hoe un-friended me.
His bottom bitch name is Precious and there are a bunch of hoes connected
On her facebook (well they looked like hoes to me)
I found this profile linked with the phone number

The number listed on this profile is the number I received the ebonic texts from.
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  • FK
  • 11-01-2012, 11:10 PM
Huh? Is there a beginning or a missing piece of this thread?
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I am more confused now than I was when I started reading this thread.
Sorry for the confusion, ill try to contact the mod to make the title more valid

I received a text from a pimp who had his ho friend then defriend me on facebook. The link to the ad I posted has the same number as the pimp who texted me.
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Can't tell what the title, subject, or posts are about, much less why this is in the Alert forum (since that is for info pertaining to the safety of ECCIE members)! Please explain and if you need thread edits, let us know.