Review: Good time with BP FBSM Ayden

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Date: 11/2/12
Provider: Ayden
Phone: 469-544-5704
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Carrollton
State: Texas
Address: Marsh & GBT
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: FBSM, L1, FIV, Russian, COT
Session Length: 30m
Fee: 80
Hair Length and Color: Dark hair, shoulder length
Age: Late 30s
Smoking Status: Smoker
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Looks like her pics. 5'8"ish, probably a small BBW with huge natural tits. Her ad says 29, but looks probably 10 years older.
Recommendation: Yes
She looks like a wild a good way. This is first review I have ever seen of her but was always thanks and glad you had a good time.
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Ditto to what Amp Surfer said. Thanks
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Any further menu items?
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i know this is an old review but somehow i came across it. let me first say i don't want to knock a provider, but this is the only review of this provider i could find so I will add to this one. i saw Aiden before i knew about eecie and all of the above is correct. She is bigger girl (5 10ish) who is larger than you think she is from her pics. You will need to take a shower after seeing her due to the smell rubbing off on you. However, in my session, I really wasn't into her physically and i think she could sense this. She seemed to take this as a challenge. She never mentioned nor did i ask, but she was rubbing on me and out came a huge box of oversized condoms. that huge pack of condoms really turned me off because it made me imagine why she would need such a huge pack. I know it is reality, but why not have those hidden and get them as necessary instead of knowing you are one of a thousand. she then proceeded to try to l3 me without my permission. some of you might think this is a good thing. however, i don't like aggressive providers. I didn't want to have anything to do with that. Nor I have returned since. it put me in a difficult spot because i didn't want to offend her by not reciprocating her advances...however; I wasn't into her at all. That seemed so risky. But for those who are looking for an adventure you will probably find it here. In my experience the less aggressive you are the more she initiates. i didn't touch her at all and she was all over me. i am not going as far as to say she was into me, but her l1 wasn't doing it for me in the slightest and then she tries to l3..i left immediately, and haven't been back. the massage was ok, but it is about 3 years since i have seen her and i remember that like it was yesterday. I appreciate her willingness to go the extra mile, but i have personal boundaries that i don't cross and she wanted to go there without even asking me or discussing it. she is a wild one.
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