Josey and 635

Any girls still working out of the office building there? Used to be a great place to go for latinas.
No idea, I haven't seen any ads recently by Jasmine or Nathalia but Tiffany looks to be providing as an indie. I just saw a review of her in the independent section within the last week.
Some of them moved down to the office building off Regal Row. They still run ads.
Okay Thanks. No idea there was a building at Regal Row.
Next to Mary kay
I had bookmarked the ad/review of one Latin girl there awhile back...really pretty, offering full-views and L1s only. Unfortunately, I waited too long and now the phone number is gone and my 'eccie search' hasn't given me any results for her.

Does anyone have a phone number for them? As I recall, the number for her was also the number for one other girl. But there seemed to be 5 or 6 in the building.
Yes, Kasidy was one of the girls that was at Josey and 635

Is Kasidy L1 only? She's pretty hot.
Mia is the one I was trying to think of. But, Zoro, in doing a BP search on her, the girl who came up had long blonde hair (with no face shot). The Mia I remember had dark shoulder-length hair and a very pretty face. Nice body too, but photos were all very casual.

Same girl? With a TOTAL stylistic makeover?? Doesn't look like it.

Finder's fee for locating "my" Mia.
ND - I'm thinking that is the same Mia with blonde hair now

Thanks Zoro. Man, big change! Both Mias (old and new) are hot, so can't go wrong either way.
I saw Nathalia's ad for the same area posted on BP body rub. However, their rates are for an hour, and a lot higher than it used to be.
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Yeah I seem to remember being able to get a nice rub for 50 from one of these girls, can't remember who though. Whoever it was had great perky erasers and a world class ass. I know LE hit her up though, called her one time and heard the radio going lol.
I miss Jasmine she was my ATF took great care of me, Went to Michelle after jasmine left she would do a quick 10 min for 20 for me but she has dissapeared to. there was one who used to work with Michelle, Gia maybe who wanted FS cuz she got so turned on during massage. I think they are all gone now.