Female bodybuilders

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Saw a thing on TV about Female Bodybuilder escorts. Has anyone seen or heard about this hobby? Anything in Oklahoma. Some of the ladies were way too big but others looked trimmed and toned. Anyone know anything?
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I have seen ads for one come through. That was about a year ago it seems.

Around here for fitness I would think Flmngpie would be a good match.
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Thanks. I'll check her out. Is she in Okc or tul? Any idea ?
This girl i think was just here or heading here? Shes into body building and fitness and doesnt have that man body... shes hot!!

  • artax
  • 12-19-2012, 08:08 AM
there is a website wb270.com which lists female bodybuilders that do sessions- you can check by state and also travelers- however- you need to do a little more research as the sessions run the gamut from purely bikini wrestling no sexual activities at all, to muscle worship with some extras (bbbj, dfk and/or daty) to f/s- since there are not a lot that provide f/s usually will pay a premium to local escorts
  • artax
  • 12-19-2012, 08:21 AM
Not sure about how many visit Oklahoma- New York, California and Florida get a lot more visitors- but I have noticed Exotic Beauty who is based in Tulsa- looks pretty fit though not bodybuilder huge http://www.eccie.net/providers.php?do=view&id=11213 https://www.preferred411.com/P13182
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Thanks. I'll check her out. Is she in Okc or tul? Any idea ? Originally Posted by Justhim2
She travels between both frequently... Just watch for her ads. She is based out of Tulsa
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Thank all of yall for the info
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Kris Clark known as Clarkflex is a national body building winner and visits Tulsa occasionally. She wrestles guys and is very strong, knowing lots of submission holds. She has done mixed wrestling videos. Also does muscle worship. She lives in Florida. She is listed on WB-270 site. Travels nationally. She is very nice and friendly. Someone has also mentioned Amber Black who has been to OKC a few times this year. WB270 has many women body builders and wrestlers listed and you can search by your state to see who is touring, typically weeks or months in advance.
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That is too much he-woman for me. I like muscles, but she looks very manly.
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I can understand and appreciate your thoughts Adult 146. Actually she does look better than the pictures. She is more womanly than the bodybuilding poses suggest. She explained to me how body builder photos are done to accentuate the blood vessels and muscles as well as losing weight to a show condition allowing features to be more prominent. She has some kids that she adores and is more womanly, even facially, than one might think from looking at most of her pictures. Very nice and considerate!
  • ron69
  • 12-20-2012, 12:25 PM
Flmngpie is awsome. Give her a try.
Hi I'm flmngpie
I'm in Tulsa and Okc
Tulsa this weekend
  • Jilge
  • 12-23-2012, 11:15 AM
Female BB's that are pumped...flexed...oiled...do not look the same as when relaxed and in a non competitive or photo ready situation.
Just firm...tanned and toned.
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I have "met" with Andy,,, lovely lady, and I believe she fits the bill as requested... +1