Review: BP Laura

Date: July 2012
Provider: Laura
Phone: 830-387-0468
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: New Braunfels
State: Texas
Address: IH 35 / Walnut
Appointment Type: Incall
Activities: Massage, Lt+
Session Length: 30 minutes, went a little over
Fee: 50 + 10
Hair Length and Color: Brown, shoulder length
Age: mid 40's
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: 5'6", 180 lb, pretty face, looks like pics but with more of a tummy.
Recommendation: Yes
big dog 1226's Avatar
She pretty much is a flake in my book, I waited way to long and to much oil and then all the phone calls and my time was up... It's a he'll no for me !! Run the other way...
Just saying.. One mans opinion !
Sounds like a whole lotta no's. all the bad reviews is what did it for me. Why waste good money when you can get good quality elsewhere. And females should learn from this. Treat people like crap and the negativity will kill ya in business
rockonmrx's Avatar
you have to be kidding me man. the 45 min drive into san antonio would be worth NOT seeing this chick. she is not only flakey but a weirdo. she reminds me of the momma off "house of 1,000 corpses"
Really??? This is your first review, something smells fishy to me.
SimpsonGuy's Avatar
Something smells like fish here and its not her vagina...
Sickpuppy's Avatar
How did it rate a posting with a July 2012 date? Where's Waldo, I mean Mokoa?
stealthyguy's Avatar
Can't be a real review. This lady is a flake. Pictures in her add must be from a previous life. Massage is so very half ass. Absolutely not worth the $.
JohnnyYanks's Avatar
Well the alleged session was 6 months ago - maybe absence truly does make the heart (and little head) grow fonder?
Mokoa's Avatar
  • Mokoa
  • 09-14-2013, 12:09 AM
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