Strip Club near Brookhave/McComb

Where is it and what can one do there? Can anyone share some info on it? Thanks Victor
Damn, can't believe nobody is going to help you out. If your in McComb, the closest might be in Woodville; I think you take 24 to Liberty, then you take a right by the police station to take you south to Centreville, then on to Woodville.
If you're in Brookhaven, you might be talking about the clubs on Hwy 28. I myself haven't been in months. If in Bhaven, you can take 550 until you get to Union Church and take a right on 28; or you can go to Hazelhurst, then take 28 west until you get to the Club 28 or Bo's new club. Either way, a good lap dance is the best you can hope for.
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Please don't reply to a post that's been idle over 30 days - one of the rules! A PM would've been perfect to give him the info.