Anything on Torie Starr

She has another ad on KC backpage.Anyone know if she is real/good?Thanks.
jesus christ she's hot. i've googled her number and there are ads all over the place. tgtbt?
thats exactly what I'm trying to find out silverseakc.Is she for real or another bp phony?She has posted on bp other times too.
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She has been advertising on bp for a couple months. I have not seen any reviews yet. She looks tgtbt in my opinion.
There are past posts comments on Eccie KC about her aka FIFI Nicole.Posts are anything but good,although they imply she is hot looking.
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She's gone by the following names

Christina Starr
Fifi Nicole
Torie Starr
Saw some old posts about her stealing from clients.She also has a big bad ass MANAGER she works with.I am defintely going to pass on her.
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Thanks, JJ: where did you find the information on management. Can you post some of the old links that you found.
No Helicopter!You are the internet king,show us how to do it, please!!!!!!
she is real, i've been in her. pics are accurate. i did a double with her and Jamie. however, although super hot, she is business and get out. nearly impossible to get her to keep an appointment, and she knows me.
We finally spoke today. Lot of noise in the background. She is only doing out calls. I had to pass.
I saw her when she was Christina Starr. She was not real friendly and all business like. I'd save your money for someone better
I tried to see her a year ago as Chrsitina Starr. Setup the time, she said it was good, called her but no response. Two hours later she finally answers and said she can't do it, can it be in the morning? It was already 3am and had a flight at 6. That's the last I tried. I was plenty pissed.