Warning to Community IMPOSTERS are Active

This was just posted in Alerts, Austin; it's helpful warning to entire ECCIE community: BEWARE of imposters.


Austin Mod Staff
There have been more than a few reports of this happening over the years, and those never ended well for the lady or the guy they claimed to be. Its very important information that bears repeating often all across hobby land. And this goes for any site out there.

Its much too easy for someone to text/email/call a lady and claim to be you or me or anyone else. Without some verification a lady has no idea who is really on the other end of that phone.

PROVIDERS - - MAKE SURE THAT YOU RECEIVE A PM DIRECTLY THROUGH PM SYSTEM to confirm that Hubert is who-he-says-he-is. If this cannot happen in advance, consider asking them to log into their ECCIE account from phone/tablet in your view. [For double extra security, send unique password by PM and ask Bob Hobby to text it to you. Once s/he does, you will have associated members' text-number with member's ECCIE account.]

If you are contacted by text or email FOR THE FIRST TIME BEFORE YOU HAVE MET FACE TO FACE, it is strongly recommended that you make sure its not Hubert. Hubert is a bad man who may not mean to, but will cause you harm.
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One caveat, there is not a good enough reason that this cannot happen in advance. The log-in in person scheme would likely be too late if a situation was planned to go bad. Ladies, if the guy can't or refuses to send the PM in advance, there is no reason for a lady to ever meet him, and put herself in the position of a face-to-face meeting to screen anyone. Don't get greedy or desperate enough to fall into this trap.
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Wow. Thanks for posting this 19. It just goes to show that there are some pretty sick/evil people out there. I never thought that I could be impacted as a hobbyist and that the value I perceived as having a good reputation could actually be used for ill-intent. I always treat the ladies with respect and as a gentleman. This has opened many doors that would otherwise not be available to your average hobbyist. It is a shame it only takes on person to potentially ruin the entire hobbyist experience for both girls and guys. It is bad enough that us guys have to worry about ladies who bait and switch or who are cash and dash. Never thought I'd have to worry about a doppleganger trying to impersonate me.
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I agree! It is best to stay safe than be greedy in this biz. Make sure he messages directly thru site with all contact info! We have all had good and bad. Play safe everyone! Thanks guys!
Miss Dreams